Tweet of the Day, Right To Work Is Coming To Wisconsin.

While the article itself is rather good as a patient explanation as to why Right to Work is going to pass in Wisconsin and the electorate isn’t going to be bugged by that, this one bolded bit is simply not true.

When the left has exhausted every talking point and political strategy, it trots out uncles Charles and David Koch as a last gasp.

Hearing the word “Koch” from a Democrat means something he really doesn’t like is about to happen, and he is powerless to stop it. When it is invoked, there is likely a Republican and a bottle of champagne chilling nearby.

Most of the Republicans I know prefer bourbon or whiskey as celebratory drinks. ┬áMe, I like a nice shot of tequila, or rum. ┬áProbably because I’m an immigration squish, or something.

11 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Right To Work Is Coming To Wisconsin.”

  1. Yes, only a RINO would drink Rum.

    As for me I prefer Mt. Dew or Dr. Pepper. Because I’m a hard right evangelical, and we don’t drink liquor!

    1. Make mine a Mexican-import Pepsi. (or, the “real sugar” variants that sometimes show up around the Jewish holidays..)

  2. mudslides. and thank goodness the unions have had their spirit crushed, otherwise they might have been bad.

  3. A lot of Wisconsin Republicans would go for Old Fashioned or perhaps a Bloody Mary to celebrate. A lot of Wisconsin Democrats would drink the same as they sulk. And they’re probably sitting next to each other at the local bar talking about the important topics in life…like the size of sturgeon that swam past the hole in the ice last weekend and/or how the Badgers look for the Big10 tournament.

  4. Microbrewery beer. Sometimes IPA, sometimes other, depends on what I’m in the mood for. And sometimes a margarita with tex-mex.

  5. Beer.
    Or Scotch.
    Or Bourbon.
    I ain’t picky.
    But keep that danged ta kill ya away from me. It’s an abomination.

  6. Lately I’ve been drinking a mudslide variant: equal parts vodka, kahlua, Bailey’s, and Godiva chocolate liquor, combined with more vanilla ice cream than the combined amount of alcohol, add Hershey’s syrup to taste. Mix until the Hershey’s is distributed, drink with a straw.

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