Quote of the Day, Maybe Barack Obama Just Owns Stock In Freedom Group edition.

Mary Katharine Ham:

If I had to bet on just one conspiracy theory about the Obama White House, it might be the seemingly outlandish idea that he actually works for the gun industry and gets a cut of every AR15 and box of ammo they sell because there can be no other reason they do so many things calculated to sell more AR15s and accompanying ammo than have ever been sold in the history of mankind.

I find this theory intriguing, and wish to subscribe to Mary Katharine’s newsletter.

Moe Lane

PS: In my experience (which, admittedly, mostly involves my father-in-law), whenever a gun owner goes out and buys three times as much ammo as usual on Monday, he or she then spends four times as much time on the shooting range on Saturday… thus requiring him to go back and buy more ammo the next Monday. In other words, don’t really expect there to be endless caches of AR-15 ammo out there; they all got enthusiastically shot off. Oh, sure, some are being kept for emergencies*, but they mostly ended up in backstops all across America.

*”I’m supposed to go back inside when I’m done shooting, but it’s nice out and I’m in the zone… well, hey, here’s an extra box of rounds.  Must have miscounted.”  You know.  Emergencies.

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  1. This theory assumes that Barack Obama is about as business-savvy as Number Two in the first Austin Powers movie.

    Flag! Assumes facts not otherwise in evidence! 🙂

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