Baltimore curfew to end tonight.

‘Endorsed.’  Well, I suppose that you need to salve the pride of the mayor. She is, after all, elected head of Baltimore, at least until the next election:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Sunday endorsed a decision to lift curfew that has been in place in Baltimore since rioting broke out earlier this week. Hogan also announced that 200 city businesses, most of them minority owned, were destroyed in the rioting.

“The mayor and I both talked and we agreed it’s time to get the community back to normal again,” Hogan, a Republican said. “It’s going to take a little while to get back to normal, but I think lifting the curfew is a good idea.

Hopefully, it will be. Certainly Governor Hogan did a good enough job in shutting down the riots before they could become self-sustaining that I’m willing enough to let him keep doing his job. Because, let’s make no mistake here: Mayor  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake didn’t do hers. Which should make the aforementioned next election in Baltimore interesting…

Moe Lane