Google News is wrong: Gov. Jay Inslee (D, Washington) was not arrested on abuse of power charges.

Dagnabbit, don’t tease me like this, Google News.


Yeah, it turns out that that they truncated the quote there:

A Washington State Patrol trooper who worked as a bodyguard for Gov. Jay Inslee was arrested in Olympia, accused of destroying evidence connected to his son’s criminal case.

If I was in the Governor’s office, I’d be calling up to complain.  After all, Jay Inslee’s polling is at the point where they have to give him a letter grade to make it sound better (trust me: freshmen governors do not like being referred to in terms of having a 2.15 GPA); the last thing they need is for a major search engine website to falsely suggest that the sitting Democratic governor of Washington State got arrested for abuse of his office*.  If for no other reason than because scurrilous individuals from right-wing websites will use it as an excuse to note that a sitting Democratic governor is at real risk of losing next year.

Like those scurrilous individuals have been known to do.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

*Especially since we’re all half-expecting that to happen to former Governor John Kitzhaber (D) of Oregon.

3 thoughts on “Google News is wrong: Gov. Jay Inslee (D, Washington) was not arrested on abuse of power charges.”

  1. U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert is thinking of either running for Gov or Senate. The more of a joke Inslee continues to look the more likely Reichert runs statewide. And Reichert could very well win, having won several High Profile races in a District that includes part of Kings County.
    That being said the people of Washington State could’ve easily avoided the ongoing embarrassment that is Gov. Inslee, and that is declining to vote for him in 2012.

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