Pedro Cortes – the man who didn’t stop Kermit Gosnell – wants his old job back.

Hi! Are you pro-life, Pennsylvanian, and didn’t vote for Tom Corbett in the last election?

Yes to all three?

Well, then: you fornicated the canine.  Big time.

New Gov. Tom Wolf has appointed veteran bureaucrat Pedro Cortés as acting secretary of the commonwealth—a top member of the governor’s cabinet and head of the Department of State—pending permanent approval by the Republican-controlled state Senate. This is Cortés’s second stint in this position; his first, from 2003 to 2010 under Gov. Ed Rendell, coincided with the grossest period of negligence in the department’s history of lax enforcement of state abortion and medical regulations.

Brandon McGinley goes on to note that Mr. Cortes is a major reason why Kermit Gosnell was able to pursue his career as an open serial killer for quite some time: simply put, Pennsylvania’s Department of State was happy to look the other way, just as long as Gosnell only targeted poor and/or minority women. Frankly, Pedro Cortes should have been sued. Pedro Cortes should have been arrested on conspiracy charges. He certainly shouldn’t be let back into Pennsylvania state government in order to let the next Kermit Gosnell start a new career of blood and pain.

Oh, was that harsh? …Kermit Gosnell was the thing that convinced us on the center-Right that there really was a ‘pro-abortion’ movement.  He was every malignant stereotype of the evil abortionist brought to terrifying life, and if you put him in a book people would write in to complain about the libel. And yet, Gosnell existed: and was protected by the same people who lied to us about ‘legal, safe, and rare.’ Turns out they only wanted abortion to be the first one.

Finally, the Pennsylvania state Senate committee was apparently reluctant to recommend Pedro Cortes’ nomination: they instead took the position of ‘no position.’  This is, of course, unacceptable.  I encourage all my Pennsylvanian readers to contact their local Senator and make him or her understand that some appalling errors in judgement and decency should at the very least end a career, once and for all.

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PS: Abortion is a contentious topic, yes. But surely all reasonable people can agree that there are times when to ignore evil is to enable it, too.  This was something that happened.

3 thoughts on “Pedro Cortes – the man who didn’t stop Kermit Gosnell – wants his old job back.”

  1. Recognizing up front that I am prone to paranoia theories .. I would like to know just what Pedro Cortes has on Tom Wolf.

  2. It frustrates me how people that are oh so wary of corporations that make products they actually need being out to poison them and get rich off of them, but they look the other way when it comes to Planned Parenthood’s practices and ignore the Kermit Gosnell story.

  3. Abortion is fine so long as it is safe and rare – for the correct people in the correct demographics. Safety and rarity are unimportant – so long as that lack of safety and lack of rarity is kept in the correct demographics.
    It is an upper-middle class (and higher) woman thing; else you would not understand.

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