WaPo explains why all the state flags are bad and you should be sad.

I am growing to be very fond of Alexandra Petri:

As long as we’re on the subject of flags that should and should not be flown in states, let’s take a moment to talk about state flags.

Every state flag is wrong. If you don’t believe me, look at them. Here are the 50 worst.

…and then she proceeds to rip each one apart. It’s definitely worth a read: not great art, but I laughed a goodly bit.  We could use a bit more humor today.

14 thoughts on “WaPo explains why all the state flags are bad and you should be sad.”

  1. Funny article.
    Then I read the comments.
    It’s a master class in Not Getting The Joke.

  2. See why I like Moe so much?
    Because he is always finding such fun stuff.

    Yeah, Indiana’s flag is still way cooler than anybody else’s.


    1. The one time that Indiana had a decent license plate design was when they used the state flag as the backdrop on it.

  3. ….and? I mean, this is partial credit at best! There are 57 flags! Where’s Puerto Rico? Where’s Guam? Where’s D.C.?
    Tell you what, let her know that she needs to finish the assignment and then we can talk.

  4. I freely admit my state’s flag deserves to be mocked. (The only redeeming characteristic seems to be that it was designed be a woman. Who had bad taste.)
    But Tennessee and Ohio deserve better.
    I can’t help but notice that NewYork, New Jersey, and Virginia all feature a phrygian cap.
    I think we’ve uncovered an unholy cabal of Cybele worshipers on the East Coast. No wonder Bruce Jenner has gotten so much fawning attention.

    1. Tenn and OH are probably the two best flags after Texas and Indiana. And she is correct CA’s flag while dumb for the “republic” is still awesome for the Bear.

  5. As much as I enjoy living in Colorado, the flag looks like someone was REALLY high when they designed this thing…

  6. She has New Mexico saying, “Look, we’re going to be next to Nevada. How hard do we have to try?” She clearly has an Acela corridor understanding of geography.

  7. Georgia already went through the ‘take the confederate battle flag off the state flag’ fight 15 years ago. Neal Boortz’s term for people who got upset about that fight? “Flaggots”.

  8. Her comments about the Oklahoma flag betray her fundamental racism.

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