Now that’s just wrong, @RepBrendanBoyle. Oreos? OREOS?

I’m not even mad. Just… it’s just such a smallness, to be this kind of person.

I… refuse to say no to Oreo. If Oreos are wrong, I don’t want to be right. In fact, I’m going to go have two Oreos RIGHT NOW.

Moe Lane

PS: I cannot prove that only Communists hate Oreos enough to put their hatred in the Congressional Record, but I have my suspicions. Oh, yes. I have my suspicions…

8 thoughts on “Now that’s just wrong, @RepBrendanBoyle. Oreos? OREOS?”

  1. Can’t believe we actually pay this goofball a salary to engage in such mind-numbing idiocy. Really? This is the most pressing thing he has to worry about right now? I haven’t had an Oreo in ages, but since I was just getting ready to head to the store, guess I’m now picking up a couple of packages on general principle.

    1. Supposedly he’s protesting an Oreo factory relocation to Mexico, but his REAL problem is that I suspect that his staff hates him, and wants him to die in a grease fire.

  2. In other news, Oreos make incredible S’mores. S’moreos, I call them. Something to think about while you’re celebrating a life too important to fight against a junk-food manufacturer on a national stage.

  3. Of all the places to play “Name That Party!” I would not have thought your blog was one.

    Edit: “Now that’s just wrong, @RepBrendanBoyle (D-PA 13). Oreos? OREOS?”

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