There is, indeed, money in Planned Parenthood’s baby-harvesting.

So, you might have wondered about one part in the second Planned Parenthood baby-harvesting video.

Specifically, the part where the investigators posing as buyers encouraged the Planned Parenthood representative to quote them a higher price for particular human body parts.  Seemed a little weird, yes? I mean, why would a buyer want a seller to sell high?

Well, here would be the reason.

In the video with Dr. Deborah Nucatola, StemExpress is specifically mentioned as a partner. Numbers like $50 and $100 for various organs are mentioned in both videos. That represents the amount paid by the middle-men to the clinics. But, what kind of “reimbursement and transportation” costs are made by companies like StemExpress? It can be substantial: up to $2,945 for fetal bone marrow. That is, if you still believe no “valuable consideration” is involved.

It looks like StemExpress could, in theory, pay a hundred or so bucks for a whole organ, then mete it out by cells for thousands of dollars per sale.

Remember: baby harvesting, the best efforts of the abortion industry notwithstanding, is actually still illegal. That means that a company can’t lock down a particular harvester with a legal contract that would be enforceable in a court of law: it’d be like a cocaine distributor trying to enter into a legal agreement with a drug lab to require that the latter provided cocaine of a particular quality and quantity. How would you get the courts to enforce it?

In other words, it’s all done less formally.  And it’s apparently a seller’s market, too. So a buyer who would want a particular baby harvesting facility to provide him with a steady supply of human body parts would indeed find it in his best interests to make sure that the baby harvesters were happy with their half of the deal. Just… good business practices, that’s all.

Excuse me. I have to go take another shower.

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Well, one last thought. State officials and Congressional investigatory committees looking into this should also do personal forensic audits of Planned Parenthood senior officials. Because one way to ensure that people keep selling you human body parts for pennies on the dollar is to divert some more pennies back into the sellers’ personal accounts.

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  1. Neither of these vile creatures seem surprised by the discussion . PPA is selling organs but who is buying and what are they doing with them? I’d really like to hear a valid medical or scientific reason to use baby parts. If there is wouldn’t the buyetrs be eager to discuss what great medical advances they’ve achieved? PPA should be proud to be part of it.

  2. Planned Parenthood tried to get ahead of this by making some statement about racism. That tells me no one considered this discussion unusual enough to recall when they were searching for the next show to drop.

    1. He is a European knock off Kratman, doing the work American Kratman won’t do.
      He very carefully and precisely argues controversial positions. This may benefit his businesses, which include fiction publishing and game development.
      Just this year he has been vocally involved in at least three big internet arguments that I’d need an essay each to really explain.
      John Wright’s Somewither is great fun, and you might try it out.

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