[UPDATED] DOES [Universal] formally stand with the baby harvesters at Planned Parenthood? @ppact [] #minions

[UPDATE: Yeah, my bad.  Could have been worse: I could have had it as being Disney.]

Because the official Twitter feed of Planned Parenthood certainly seems to want to make it look like Dreamworks Universal stands with them on the righteousness of harvesting babies for their profitable organs.



Or did Dreamworks Universal give Planned Parenthood permission to use their intellectual property in an official capacity? Does Dreamworks Universal, in fact, support baby harvesting, and this is their way of tacitly admitting that? …The pro-life subset of American consumers would like an answer on that, please.  Preferably before they start planning their Christmas shopping budgets.

Oh, and before anybody starts objecting: Planned Parenthood apparently likes to claim support from mainstream corporate America for their abortion services when such support does not actually exist. As Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, Xerox, March of Dimes, and others have hastily, if not desperately, scrambled to explain. So it is indeed entirely possible that Planned Parenthood is merely doing something similar here, although, frankly: messing with a major studio’s intellectual property like this is sufficiently dangerous that it makes it hard for me to believe that the image was used without permission.

10 thoughts on “[UPDATED] DOES [Universal] formally stand with the baby harvesters at Planned Parenthood? @ppact [] #minions”

  1. The Mouse plays for keeps, and I bet all of the others do as well.
    *Fat Tony Voice: “The parties that I represent do not look kindly upon such transgressions.*

  2. Just left a message with the Dreamworks board asking if they are indeed supporting Planned Parenthood. Hopefully it will be one of many.

  3. Uh…dudes? “Minions” is not a Dreamworks production, it’s Universal/Illumination.

  4. I have to say, I’m enjoying watching Planned Parenthood roasting slowly over a fire, far *far* more than I liked any of the (/dreamworks/) Universal Minions…

  5. What we have here is two levels of support: One is where some company matched a contribution from an appropriately feminist/leftist/SJW employee, and the other is where those responsible for the company wallet are active supporters of crunchy-or-less-crunchy.

    The former are bailing out the door like the light just went on over the door of the C-47 over Normandy on June 6, and praying the chute opens.

    The latter are locking and loading like they’re the last Tommies in the trench facing the Kaiserschlacht in 1918, and no doubt just about as nervous.

    1. Except this time we’re the ones that are going to win, just like we’re winning #GamerGate. “Through mud and blood, to the green fields beyond…”

      1. We are, I think, past the point where we’re as easy to shock into silence …
        Art Chance called it, there are limits to how often shouting “Racist!” makes us stop and check our motives .. this is the same thing.

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