Check out this “The SCP Foundation” site my readers found!

One of my readers (JAB) found this: the SCP Foundation. Said reader described the site as “Delta Green and Warehouse 13 had a love child:” I personally would have said GURPS Warehouse 23, but that’s just me. On first glance? Useful fodder for DG, GURPS, or The Esoterrorists. Also: kind of disturbing, but in a good way.

8 thoughts on “Check out this “The SCP Foundation” site my readers found!”

  1. It’s creepier than Warehouse 23 [at least the random web version, I haven’t read the GURPS book]. More horror elements, more people dying.

    I haven’t come across anything specific to the Lovecraftian Mythos yet, and I kind of bet there won’t be, since the authors are likely to be aware of such things.

    1. The GURPS book is top notch. Most of the items are drawn directly from myth and conspiracy theory, but the original ones are extra nasty. Good stuff. Highly recommend.
      Now, I’ve got to go check this new site out.

      1. Be careful. It may contain the same “Oops, what happened to the last 4 hours” effect as TvTropes.

  2. small doses recommended. otherwise you will end up with Missing Time. i can’t believe you never saw this before, Moe. you need to do a regular bit, maybe every week, where people just drop in their favorite weird areas of the net.

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