NOBODY check out this story.

We need it to be true. Or at least I do. I want to believe.


8 thoughts on “NOBODY check out this story.”

  1. …Seems legit. Who can make up a story like that? Also, having served in the U.S.N., I can say from experience that there were, in fact, a couple of P.O. 1’s that I would have immediately decided were the top two candidates for that citation….

    1. LOL I think we served together then, qix.
      I am especially humored that the article went out of the way to explain that the vehicle “came to a complete stop in an inground swimming pool.” Did they believe the Marines on Pendleton would think that, just because this was a sailor, his vehicle wouldn’t stop and should somehow keep cruising on top of or through the pool?

      1. I think that just means we served in the same Navy, and, mumblety-five (or so) years later, it’s still the same old Navy 😀

  2. Probably just a viral marketing thing for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. But if it isn’t, they should totally add that scene however they can work it in.

  3. “Gents, I have an interesting addition to the safety briefing before we release you for the weekend…”

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