The Specialists Omnibus 1 Kickstarter (Take a look, please).

I enjoy this webcomic a good deal and they’re having a little trouble hitting their funding numbers. If you like World War II superhero stuff, by all means: check it out. It’d be a shame if it doesn’t get published…

5 thoughts on “The Specialists Omnibus 1 Kickstarter (Take a look, please).”

  1. Sigh. Six projects that I’m already backing this October, and I already own the first three volumes of this. Oh well. Backed.

  2. Thanks so much for your support, Moe and Compound!

    If our current campaign doesn’t reach its goal, we’ll retool the book in a less ambitious form and try again in a few months.

    Compound, if you just want the fourth book, you can get it from our online store for $10 plus shipping. (thespecialistscomic-dot-com-slash-store)

    1. Appreciate the info, but me buying book 4 doesn’t help you meet the KS goal. I can always use the other volumes to try and get other folks interested.
      Plus it looks like “Hawk the Hunter” isn’t going to hit it’s goal unless it gets $500k in a day, so it’s a push on total pledges for the month. Catch you at DCC next year.

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