So, they had a pee joke at the #DemDebate.

God, when’s the next Republican debate?  I can feel my brain atrophying from listening to these people. The things I do…

7 thoughts on “So, they had a pee joke at the #DemDebate.”

    1. I’m watching reruns of CSI: Miami.
      I figure it’s about the same level of brain-damage, but it’s at least *enjoyable*…
      I’ll see what Trump’s tweet feed looks like later.

    2. You’re watching the wrong one. Lessig is taking on Luciano Bradley, Rau Le Creuset, Kalium Gates and The Major at once. He is holding his own.

        1. I’m afraid I was bullshitting. I wish I had a link.
          In Oct. ’08, I concluded that Alucard from Hellsing would make a better President than Barack Obama. I have not been convinced that I was wrong.

  1. Hopefully you were able to kill some brain cells with alcohol before the Democrats’ blather killed even more brain cells.

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