DNC Chair tries to explain the singular lack of diversity in the Party of Diversity.

“DNC chief defends party’s diversity.” What an entertaining title, particularly since it hints at the possibility that a Democratic representative had to spend some quality squirming time trying to explain why Tuesday’s debate stage was pretty heavy in the Dude contingent and downright blanketed with Old and White. Let’s see, shall we?

Oh, my, yes.  This is going to be what everybody takes from this interview: “[Debbie Wasserman Schultz] said the Democratic presidential field is not representative of the overall diversity of the party.”  But what you should take from this interview is that Jorge Ramos – the guy from Fusion who interviewed Schultz – started off by asking a pointed question about Hillary Clinton’s emails, then followed up by suggesting that the Democrats are terrified of Donald Trump. There wasn’t a friendly question in that interview (not hostile, either, but definitely not friendly)  I’ll say this for Hispanic activists: even the ones who aren’t on my side seem to have figured out that going down the same road that African-American activists did with regard to Democrats will do nothing for Hispanics in the long run.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Seriously, the last question was worth the price of admission: (I paraphrase) “Hey, Debbie, should we have more than six debates?” …Three, maybe four seconds of dead air before the spinning started. Not enough for a dumpster fire picture, but you’d think that the head of the DNC would be prepared for that comment.

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        1. It was as much the thought that if Moe and Tom did the fusion dance, the result would be the ultimate DC Republican troll.
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  1. wonder if the Tan One foresaw all this uncertainty as a way to make people ask him to stay

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