Quote of the Day, Ah, The Convenient Vagueness Of Global Warming Predictions edition.

One point to note here:

…while global warming predictions abound — here’s2009 footage of former Vice President Al Gore predicting, based on computer models, that the entire northern polar ice caps would very likely be ice free in 5-7 years (spoiler: nope, of course) — most climate change activists are into longer-term predictions. Just yesterday the Natural Resources Defense Council published this interactive mapthat claimed to show “what kind of sea-level rise we’re in for under different emissions scenarios.” And in the notes section it gives a pretty staggering disparity for when we might reach those predicted levels. One article said it could be 200 years or so and another said 2,000 years. Two millennia.

The reason why we’re getting longer-term predictions now over short-term ones is because the short-term predictions of apocalyptic DOOM have been steadily failing to come true since before I was born. Which is to say, for half a century. The problem for the aforementioned DOOM-mongers is that all of their prophets in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s didn’t really understand that in 2015 we’d have easy access to their archival – and quite erroneous – predictions. This has proven to be a PR problem that the Greenie fundamentalists have yet to solve, and it’s not being helped by the refusal of select always-wrong academics to do their cause a favor, and shut up.

Seriously, and to give just one example: Paul Ehrlich. Guy who wrote that insanely incorrect book The Population Bomb? He’s spent his life since being wrong about, well, everything – to the point where even having his name associated with a project makes it immediately suspect for anybody who isn’t a hardcore Greenie. A sensible movement would, well, send the man home and take away his microphone…

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Ah, The Convenient Vagueness Of Global Warming Predictions edition.”

  1. Yep, moving the predictions out beyond the *expected* lifetime of the current sheep being shorn for funding is their best bet .. but it’s not going to get ’em the revenue stream they need to buy enough congresscritters long-term to get results ..

    1. If you move it out past their lifetime most people forget about the problem and concentrate on things that need their immediate attention. If it is close enough to engage their immediate attention, however, then it is too close because the failure of the prediction to occur is noted.

      Quite a conundrum.

      1. Not, as they say, my circus .. not my monkeys.
        I will point out that the U.S. has gotten quite a bit cleaner than, say, 1973 .. and that much of the cleanup has been due – not to Greenie hand-wringers or frauds like ol’ Iron Eyes Cody – to efficiency.
        If you move the end goal out past their lifetimes *but offer incremental *beneficial* goals now* you can get pretty good results out of people.

  2. A Millennium or two? Geez, Venice sank under it’s own weight in less time, and they’ve adapted just fine. It like there’s one setting “The Status Quo” in these guy’s imaginations…..

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