So I finally upgraded to Windows 10.

It doesn’t SEEM to have blown up everything. Yet.  I’m kind of gingerly looking at everything and wondering, though.  Any tips, from those who bit the bullet?

… No, I’m not switching back. I suspect it’d just make things worse, and they’re not actually bad right now.

12 thoughts on “So I finally upgraded to Windows 10.”

  1. I made the Start menu a bit wider and fiddled around with the registry a bit to make it so I don’t need to type in a password when I wake the computer up.

  2. No issues for me. I upgraded an old computer from Windows 7. I don’t really see a difference in performance.

  3. I’ve heard a nasty little rumor that Windows 10 flat out *insists* on reporting to the mothership .. which means it ignores any user attempt to block phone-home…

    1. That is, so far as I can tell, correct. The only operational issue I’ve had is that winx does not support the cd copy protection on older cd based games.(safedisc, iirc), so any older games on cd just won’t load. The os can’t recognize them, and no fix is forthcoming from MS.

      1. I use Slysoft’s Game Jackal Pro…thus far it has read and imaged everything I’ve loaded…even games from the early oughts.
        The software is auto-updated and they’ve never forced me to pay for an upgrade.

        Best part is you never find a game disc on the floor, between the sofa cushions or under a coffee cup.
        Their AnyDVD is excellent too…especially if you have kiddos. You can clone their favs and keep the originals in mint condition.

        1. I figured there was something out there that could bypass that obstacle. 🙂 I’ll pass that along.

      1. Yep, but that’s sufficiently obvious that I’m confident MS have either thought of a work-around – multiple different sites – or have a “nag” in effect.

  4. I’ve clicked the Windows 7 “update me” button about 5 times so far. But it’s never made it to the actual update screen. It just sits and does the circle of not-doing anything. And it’s not my wi-fi, because it d/ls off Steam all the time.

  5. The update for my laptop went fine for me, but look carefully at its networking and privacy settings. It’s far too eager to share for my tastes.

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