And up goes the Christmas tree.

We’re one of those benighted families that use an artificial tree – in our defense, we travel a lot during Christmas season – so today I finally succumbed to my kids’ nagging and we put it up.  This was the first year that the kids really noticed all those ornaments that they had to make in years gone by, so that was nice.  Now all I have to do is keep answering “I don’t know” to repeated inquiries of “Will it snow on Christmas?”…

4 thoughts on “And up goes the Christmas tree.”

  1. You know, we just don’t get that snow question that much here in Georgia!

    But I did have a very nice call from my oldest son. His two boys were arguing about who had more (personal) ornaments to put on the tree.

    My boy: why me and my brothers and sister only had ONE apiece!!!

    Just does my heart good. Pretty soon he will be telling them he walked to school in the snow (true) uphill (not so much) barefoot (no) both ways. LOL This was in IN not GA.

    1. We had a white Christmas in Texas a few years back. First one Dallas had had in over 100 years. Gotta love global warming.

  2. We went “fake tree” years ago, because it stays up longer every year .. used to go up on the 15th and be down before New Years, now it goes up before the turkey soup has run out and stays up halfway to Groundhog Day.
    The other options are killing a vacuum cleaner every year keeping the needles off the carpet, or one of those prickly-sharp ones where the needles stay on but ya bleed stringing the lights.

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