Better late than never: LOVE AND CAPES did a Christmas comic.

The full title is Love and Capes: Home For the Holidays. For those who aren’t familiar: LOVE AND CAPES was a superhero comic that I read regularly, back in the day. Thom Zahler finished up the run, I lost track, the Great Reset of 2020 happened… but I clicked on an errant link today to see if he was back, and he is! Kinda. Selling print comics now.

Oh, well, you need to support artists.

The TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Christmas Kindle Sale continues!

Just 99 cents this week! Tales From the Fermi Resolution: Vol. 1: Shadow of the Tower is set in the same world as FROZEN DREAMS and TINSEL RAIN, this sprawling anthology stretches over 900 years of future post-apocalyptic fantasy history! There are ten stories, including several never before published; and, for fans of FROZEN DREAMS, there’s a new novelette starring Tom Vargas. The book is also available in paperback for a couple of bucks off, but that’s Amazon’s doing, not mine.


Present wrapping!

Done before Christmas Eve, too. WHAT SORCERY IS THIS

…Seriously, it’s weird to get this done ahead of time. Pleasant, but weird. But now we can spend tomorrow preparing for all the other stuff. Like the meal: Christmas dinner is going to be a New York Strip Roast. I didn’t want to do a standing rib roast because there’s only going to be the two of us eating it… and then I was seduced by the strip roast, because it looked so nice at the butcher’s, so what could I do but buy it uncut?

Now I have to convince myself not to get overly fancy with it. We have the roast, asparagus, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. That’s fine for Christmas dinner. That’s fine.

The Demented HAWKEYE Christmas Disney+ trailer.

My attention… has been acquired.

GeekTyrant detected a Die Hard vibe: I can see that, but there’s also a Lethal Weapon theme going on here, because Hawkeye is visibly deciding that he’s getting Too Old For This Sh*t. I also give points for there being a Broadway musical about Captain America in the MCU, because of course there would be one. They missed a bet there, though, in not getting Chris Evans to play the actor playing Cap in the musical. Farce is its own justification.

Moe Lane

PS: Kate Bishop apparently isn’t coming into this already being perfect in every way, which is nice. “Cocky 22 year old hotshot who still needs seasoning” is a perfectly cromulent archetype for a superheroine.

Christmas in a week!

Warning you now: it’s just gonna get crazy, from here on in.  Got the travel thing, got the three or four different celebrations in different places because never you mind thing, got the about three pounds of roast beef that need to go somewhere thing, and the rest of it.  But that’s OK… I was going to say something sarcastic, here; but it’s probably better that I instead try to make sure that everything is actually going to be OK.  Alas, snark can be a habit.

I should make some lists, really.

The ‘Anna and the Apocalypse’ trailer.

OK, normally I wouldn’t.

But Anna and the Apocalypse is a Christmas zombie movie musical.  That makes it legitimately of note.  It doesn’t mean that it’s going to be good; merely that they had to do some extra work to throw this sucker together.  That already puts it ahead of a lot of Christmas horror flicks.

Happy Boxing Day!

…You should have seen this post before I edited it to hide the effects of a drink-heavy dinner with my wife (my sisters and mother have taken the children out bowling). Beers and Irish coffee can have a profound effect on a man, particularly when he no longer drinks competitively. Best of all, the bar was maybe a block away, with no dangerous streets to cross while on foot and half in the bag (to quote the folk sayings of my ancestors). Whee!

I hope everybody has had a good Christmas, so far. It’s been pretty painless for me and mine, equally so far. Hope that continues until I’m safely back home…