Did ANYBODY actually watch that town hall thing?

Even the NRA apparently checked out, much to the President’s barely-throttled fury:

“The National Rifle Association sees no reason to participate in a public relations spectacle orchestrated by the White House,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told the network¬†[CNN].

You can definitely detect a sneer in the NRA spokesman’s voice, there. Possibly even a sniff of disdain. Which is precisely the way that one should act in this situation. ¬†This is Barack Obama’s last year as President. His job is to stay the heck out of the way and let people get on the with the business of electing a new leadership, and while I certainly don’t mind the President making life hell for Democrats I suppose that the Democrats themselves might have a different opinion. And maybe eventually they’ll even be brave enough to express that opinion, too.

5 thoughts on “Did ANYBODY actually watch that town hall thing?”

  1. I could not get past the introduction by AC360. Washington Free Beacon has a few clips up. It doesn’t matter. I am sure that the town hall was garbage.

  2. He can’t stand becoming irrelevant, has to keep the limelight on him. Would imagine that makes it difficult for the Democrats trying to distance themselves from the blight he brought on this country.

    1. Someone needs to teach the DNC what “Do not call up what you cannot put down” means.
      That said, they’ve clearly made a mistake with this guy, and .. I’m doing the best I can to just stand over here and watch them fail.

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