Ooh. Gonna be an Ogre expansion from SJG coming out this year.

Ogre Designer’s Edition, of course, being that huge-as-heck wargame that I totally geeked out about when it got Kickstartered… a few years back? Sheesh, time flies, huh? Anyway: Steve Jackson Games will be putting out an expansion later this year, with a hard cap of $65 on the retail price. New maps, more buildings, possibly the Ninja ‘stealth’ Ogre. ¬†And yes, the concept of a ‘stealth’ tank that’s bigger than my house raises eyebrows in-game, too.

More about it all here.

5 thoughts on “Ooh. Gonna be an Ogre expansion from SJG coming out this year.”

  1. Awesome. And speaking as a fellow backer, it is time for the other Kickstarter promised during that campaign. We want our armed cars. We needs them.
    And the Stealth Ogre featured prominently in “The Lone GEV”, which was an early Mike Stackpole story that was in The Space Gamer back in the day. I still name things Azure due to it.

  2. Ohh, The Space Gamer. I’ve still got some of those floating around.

    And now I’ve got a vision of Godzilla in a ninja suit, hiding behind a lamppost, tracking his victim.

  3. I am just waiting for the new scenario books that were promised.

    Looking forward to Car Wars with some trepidation, it needs updating for modern times but worried that too much change could ruin it.

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