Ah, red mercury.

One of the more entertaining conspiracy theories of the last sixty years or so, not least because ‘They’ haven’t figured out yet how to make it all about the Joooooooooooos. For those who don’t know, ‘red mercury’ is supposedly this secret super-explosive that can destroy cities; people keep looking for it, and suffering from fatal (yet often highly entertaining*) hi-jinks as a result. This NYT Magazine article on the subject is well worth your time (no, really).  So is this Call of Chicago post from Pelgrane Press’s website on how to incorporate Red Mercury into your Dracula Dossier game, which is absolutely worth your time.

One last thought: Red Mercury = Red Weed = crossover of Dracula/War of the Worlds = gaming gold, baby. Gold!

Moe Lane

*Possibly it is unkind of me to laugh at the notion of somebody getting blown up while trying to extract red mercury from a land mine. And if that person was being forced to do that, then it is indeed unkind of me.  But the sight of your average “Let’s put a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv!” type jihadi suddenly discovering that he made a poor, and final, life decision? – Well, as the Discordians say: I am not yet a Buddha.

3 thoughts on “Ah, red mercury.”

  1. Heh. Red mercury was a plot device in the movie RED 2. I had no idea it was an actual real conspiracy theory.

  2. ‘‘Red mercury has a red color, and there is mercury that has the color of dark blood,’’ he said. ‘‘And there is green mercury, which is used for sexual enhancement, and silver mercury is used for medical purposes. The most expensive type is called Blood of the Slaves, which is the darkest type. Magicians use it to summon jinni.’’

    Um, you sure you aren’t talking about Kryptonite?

    Interesting reading though.

  3. Mercuric oxide? An ingredient used by clandestine meth cookers. Also a base ingredient of Phosgene gas.

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