Hey, the latest Fallout 4 patch dropped!

…And they fixed the Killshot perk, dagnabbit. Based on gameplay since then I apparently was relying far too much on always having a 95% chance to shoot somebody in the head. Oh, well, I guess that means that I’m going to have to redesign my weapons load…

Anyway: no DLC. Yet. But that’s probably next; either that, or the official Creation Kit. Will there be a mod to get Killshot un-fixed? I dunno, Timmy: let’s find out.

5 thoughts on “Hey, the latest Fallout 4 patch dropped!”

  1. I mourn it’s passing as well. Frankly, that broken perk was the only real reason to drag Macready around the wasteland.

    1. My exploding bullet shotgun definitely suddenly became less of a Swiss Army Knife for me, that’s for sure. And no more using my Deliverer to shoot fusion cores out of Raider armor either, I’m betting.

  2. I am really enjoying all the people writing about Fallout 4. By the time I finish New Vegas and Fallout 3 (yeah, I know it’s the wrong order, but I live here) I’ll be ready for Fallout 4.

    1. Clearly. If that alternate X-COM had simply had MY team in place to begin with then there wouldn’t be a need for me to swoop in.

      Yes, I’m stealing that directly from the game designer’s sleazy rationalization for the plot of X-COM 2. So what? It’s a GREAT sleazy rationalization.

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