XCOM 2 and Destiny: The Taken King showed up early!

Amazon was telling me Monday. Guess they were being careful because of the weather disruptions. ¬†Whatever, it’s all good.

Moe Lane

PS: I should expect that downloading the updates to Destiny should take forever, yes?


12 thoughts on “XCOM 2 and Destiny: The Taken King showed up early!”

  1. I forget the details, but yes there will be a multiple GB update in your future I think.

  2. so how interested are you in the recent Shadowrun games (Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, Hong Kong), Pillar of Eternity, and Wasteland 2?

      1. It should keep going automatically once you start the process, for the big files anyway. You might need to approve the smaller ones at the end. (I did, but I downloaded them at different times. It might be seamless if you do it all at once.)
        Just launch the game and follow the prompts. Should be painless, if time consuming.

          1. Yes and no. I’m having a lot of trouble linking up my kid’s profile to my Xbox Live account, so I’ve been just doing updates from my account because that seems to work. But I forgot to start the process last night until pretty late. I plan to do the full updates during the debate; they’ll be in bed and I’ll be doing other stuff anyway.

  3. oh, speaking of XCOM2, did you know you can import the devs as characters into your game?

  4. Loving XCOM 2 so far. Only issue I have is the pushiness of some missions from a time perspective, but I can deal with it. They seemed to have got with “breakneck” for pacing in most areas.

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