Quote of the Day, Good Thing Nobody Watched The Democratic Debate, Huh? edition.

Good for Democrats, that is. Megan McArdle:

Last night, on the other hand, Clinton decided to stop mucking about with vague promises to bring Wall Street to heel. Instead, she claimed that she was a financial regulator of rare foresight and rarer steely will, hated and feared by the denizens of New York’s financial district. Presumably we are supposed to see that $675,000 she was paid by Goldman Sachs to make three speeches less as a warm gesture between close friends, than as the bags of gold left outside the city gates for the Visigoth king who is threatening to sack the place.

Megan is naturally enough torn between hostile appreciation for Hillary Clinton’s chutzpah-saturated hypocrisy, and weary resignation that both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are all that the Democrats get.  To which I would add: those two are all that the Democratic party leadership deserves, too.  But, fortunately: they’re not really what America as a whole deserves – including ordinary, decent Democrats*.

Moe Lane

*Like my mother.

One thought on “Quote of the Day, Good Thing Nobody Watched The Democratic Debate, Huh? edition.”

  1. On the one hand the Democrats have the Bolshevik; on the other hand the Democrats have the Fishwife; and on the gripping hand the Democrats have…nothing.
    The Democrats, Fundamentally Transformed – thanks Obama!

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