Tweet of the Day, New Hampshire Is Now In Play edition.

This should send up warning signs for the Trump campaign.

As would the underlying AP article. Speaking clinically, the problem is that while Donald Trump may understand his tactical problem, he may not quite understand his strategic one. Trump’s tactical problem is that the man’s previous assumptions led him to conclude that it was smart to ignore the ground game. He understands that this was incorrect, and is putting in more. Great: good for him. Trump’s strategic problem is that he’s still carrying around his previous assumptions, which seem to be that a) Donald Trump will inevitably win and b) he doesn’t have to spend any money to do it, either.

The reality is that every day that Donald Trump delays in writing his campaign a check for forty million dollars for a start, and then promptly spending it on getting an emergency infrastructure up and running, is a day where he’s losing the election. I don’t know whether or not Trump’s ground game in New Hampshire has improved to the point where it can take advantage of his current polling numbers; like Iowa, we’re seeing a very exciting experiment going on in New Hampshire about what is a good political rule of thumb, and what is not. But if you’re trying to win this thing, well: better safe than sorry, right? I mean, look what happened in Iowa.

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