Some thoughts on this ‘Lost in Smoke’ scenario hook from Pelgrane.

The basic idea – Mythos-infused tobacco causing destructively-seductive ghostly apparations and visions – is pretty good all on its own.  But you could also tie it in with the black lotus and whatnot found in the Conan novels, and thus bring in the Hyborian Age stuff that Trail of Cthulhu, I think, would find rather entertainingly useful.  I mean, there’s some of it in there now, obviously, because Lovecraft and Howard were friends and pen-pals.  But you could really ratchet up the Howard for a Pulp game.

Something to think about, I guess.

One thought on “Some thoughts on this ‘Lost in Smoke’ scenario hook from Pelgrane.”

  1. I wonder if the writers of this scenario picked the idea of smoking Mythos-infused things up from the tale of Old Man Henderson, specifically the part where he lifted a page of the Necronomicon from a detective’s office and used it to roll a Cuban cigar-sized joint.

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