My RedState post on FL AG Pam Bondi.

Found here. Short version: …well. Let’s just say that there’s a media flack in the Florida Attorney General’s office who is RIGHT NOW entertainingly screaming at RedState for my pointing out that she shouldn’t have taken campaign money from a charitable org.  It’s the little things in life that tell you that you’ve made a difference.

5 thoughts on “My RedState post on FL AG Pam Bondi.”

  1. How long do you suppose it’ll be before she employs the nefarious pornographic email conspiracy defense?

  2. This is hugely funny, and I surely hope that the Trump Foundation has a bad day over it. Sure, Pam Bondi’s finance chair should have a bad day too. And I think it is great that we get to point and laugh.

    But, seriously, I don’t really think that you made “a positive difference” in their lives. I think maybe you were being ironic on twtr?

    1. This matter is one of many that will escalate things to a stressful level for Trump. Long-term, it’ll be healthier for him to quit now. Failing that, stressing to breakdown during the primary gets him out of this stuff he is not temperamentally suited for earlier, which is a positive on the scale of what years he has left. Anything that comes out now, rather than being delayed to the general, is doing Trump a favor.
      As for Bondi, she is also in a position she isn’t suited for. Attorney Generals have the best lives if they are ethical. People with bad values destroy their lives less if they are not in positions that demand good values. Also, if you can punish a criminal into caution when they commit minor crimes, they don’t escalate as much to the major crimes that you would have to really ruin their lives over.

  3. Moe , nice work.
    People like you are why Trump wants the libel laws changed.

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