What to expect tonight.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: it’s looking hard for Ted Cruz to win Arizona at this point. Not impossible, but we don’t know how the early voting went and people are legit worried that Marco Rubio banked too many of those. Keep an eye on how well John Kasich does in a vacuum: he didn’t bother to campaign in Arizona, so that’s useful info to know.  Utah looks better.  Heck, Utah looks like an easy Cruz win at this point. And Kasich did spend money there.  As for American Samoa… nobody knows, and anybody who says that he does is just lying to you.

Bottom line is, whatever happens tonight – maybe late tonight, so be prepared for that – the race goes on and everybody moves on to Wisconsin. Unless Kasich runs out of money before then, which would be frankly lovely for both the Republican party, and the Republic itself.

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  1. PJ Media is seeing problems:
    Liveblogging the Utah and Arizona Primaries _ PJ Media

    1. …Don’t DO that. 🙂 Or at least be more specific and say things like “Man, look at those long lines and people screaming at each other.” I was suddenly terrified that all of our polling closure information was wrong and things were going off now. 🙂

  2. Long lines is AZ and UT. Some reports of Dems in AZ getting to the polls and finding they’re registered as Rep.’s and having to cast provisional ballots. Earlier in the timeline there was report that AZ went from 200 polling stations too just 60, which would explain the long lines there. Traffic seems to be a problem in UT some people are unable to get to the Caucus locations. Seems like Murphy is having a good time in both states.

  3. here’s a link to the Dem getting to the polls and finding their registration messed up.

  4. We may not know the results until the morning if Then, I notice that Trump is slipping down the ladder in AZ since it’s been called. 47-46-45.9 we may be looking st another LA. Current is 56.2 reporting.

  5. Convincing win for Cruz in Utah, around 70 percent or so, and Trump in third which makes it more amusing. Kasich ended up in fourth behind Zombie Marco Rubio in Arizona, which should tell him that he Needs To Hang It Up, though I expect he won’t take the clue unless it gets hammered in by Mjollnir.

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