Quote of the Day, Why Carly Fiorina Is Such A Good Surrogate edition.

This is very good stuff.

Last week, when [Carly] Fiorina appeared with Ted Cruz in Wisconsin, she attacked Trump for going after Cruz’s wife and defended the senator when a reporter asked about a National Enquirer report that alleged Cruz may have engaged in extramarital affairs. Cruz has vigorously denied the report.

“If I may,” Fiorina interjected when a Daily Mail reporter asked Cruz on Monday if he would definitively say that he has never been unfaithful to his wife.

“I’m going to comment,” Fiorina said after the reporter insisted on hearing from Cruz. “We are talking about a scurrilous, ridiculous piece in the National Enquirer. Why do you all dance to Donald Trump’s tune?” she asked.

I liked Carly Fiorina a good deal without particularly planning to vote for her: I honestly would have preferred that she had instead taken another bite at the California apple. But that was a desire for a different primary; in this one she’s an excellent heavy hitter for Ted Cruz.  Which… will do.

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2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day, Why Carly Fiorina Is Such A Good Surrogate edition.”

  1. CA will most likely never elect another Republican Governor or Senator. Republicans simply no longer have the numbers.
    “In February 2013, California had 18,055,783 registered voters, comprising 48.8 percent of its total population. Of those registered voters, 7,932,373 (43.9 percent) were registered Democrats, and 5,225,675 (28.9 percent) were Republicans. As a percentage of registered voters, Democrats comprised 15.0 percent more of the electorate than Republicans did.”
    Both parties have lost small percentages in this cycle to Independent status, but not enough to change the outcome.

    1. Republicans will eventually control the state again if only because the Dems run the budget into the ground and turn the state into a dustbowl, causing the layabouts to all leave for Texas.

      But that hasn’t happened yet.

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