Ted Cruz Loves The Cheese.


Mr. Cruz, a Texas senator, has long professed his affections for the Wisconsin staple, which he had called his favorite food well before the laws of local pandering required it.

On Monday, he achieved something approaching political nirvana: an afternoon stroll, on the eve of a primary he is expected to win, through a placed called the Mars Cheese Castle.

Initially, there was disappointment: “When they promise a cheese castle,” he said upon arrival, “you sort of expect to be able to eat the castle.”

I gotta agree with him there. At the very least they should sell, like, a cheese castle mascot. Which you could then eat. …As you might have guessed, I too am a cheese-loving dude.  Although I cannot eat too much of it, thanks to my old enemy lactose intolerance. Ah, I remember the week that it showed up in grad school for the first time… and I will not tell that story at all.  But, yes, I still love the cheese.

Destroyer that it may be.

Via @petridishes.

Moe Lane

PS: I’ve been really grooving on Muenster lately. It’s pretty versatile for cold cuts, in my opinion.

8 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Loves The Cheese.”

  1. Great on cold cuts, and also makes a nice mac ‘n cheese variation.
    Cruz astutely declined when asked to wear a Green Bay cheese-head hat, citing that “The first rule of campaigning: ‘No silly hats.'”

    1. Somehow, despite having driven past the Mars Cheese Castle hundreds of times, I’ve never stopped ..

  2. Know what else in hwy 94? The Bong Recreation Area. No, it’s not what it looks like.

    1. Yep, the former Bong Air Force base .. named for one Richard Bong, a WWII veteran aviator.
      Among the most stolen signs in the world, that one.

      1. The base theater at Misawa AB, Japan (northern Honshu, Pacific side) is named after Major Richard Bong. He earned the Medal of Honor shooting down Japanese aircraft in WWII.

  3. Not to interrupt the cheese love fest , but to interrupt the love fest , cheese and the milk from which it is made is the ethanol mess of the Upper Midwest and Vermont . Price supports enrich a few very well off farmers at the expense of ordinary consumers further down the food chain (sic) . That poorer families substitute those nasty soft drinks as an economy measure only adds to the distaste of one more well connected crowd benefiting at the expense of the less well connected ….. But boy does a gooey runny grilled cheese do the body and soul good on a raw and wintry day .

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