My RedState post on Ted Cruz in California.

Found here. Short version: the man has a plan. More importantly, Ted Cruz has a plan and an organization. Which is… nice, for a change.

3 thoughts on “My RedState post on Ted Cruz in California.”

  1. See… An executive “outsider” with a record of competence would get a fair shake from me. I wanted to like Carly, and glanced at the shininess of That Guy briefly, before realizing they both turned to politics because they suck at actually running things.
    Ted has a chance to demonstrate core competencies on a national scale, and seems to be crushing it.

    1. The Presidency is not an entry-level job. I think at this point we should insist on at least some experience in high-level elective office. If you’re an outsider who wants to get involved, get elected to congress. Or mayor. Or even Senator or Governor. Once you’ve got a record, then you can run for president.

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