15 thoughts on “Hey, look: pies.”

  1. Not yet perfect: looks like you’ll have to keep making pies, then. What a shame. 😉

  2. Me: Cherries are almost in season, been awhile since I made a fresh cherry pie
    Wife: We have frozen peaches you could add….
    Me: Cherry/Peach, that sounds good.
    Wife: Be even better if you used strawberries instead of cherries
    Me: So my cherry pie is now a Strawberry/Peach pie?
    Wife: (devilish grin, strawberry/peach is her favorite)

      1. You’re a marvel of self control. If there is pie, I eat it, because PIE! It is never the wrong time for pie, in my estimation. ;D
        Anyways, if it tastes good, the aesthetics of the upper crust are kinda….tertiary.

        1. Also, it looks like it tastes good.
          But, if it were me, I’d try to make the perfect lattice crust, too, because I’m ocd that way. I sincerely hope you do not have the same level of compulsion for things to be ‘just so’ with which I am afflicted: it’s hella stressful that things can never be good enough…

        2. My wife wanted seafood last night, so we went to the best local place for seafood. Which is, bizarrely, a hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant that can’t move from its location because its regulars line up like extremely amiable zombies each day and patiently wait to be seated. All of which means that it was midnight before I had enough room for pie. 🙂

          These are apparently going to be breakfast pies, at that. At least, so says my wife. And, well, she’s never wrong.

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