One thought on “‘The Fleets Arrive.’”

  1. Something I do not understand: Why doesn’t Bioware do a remastered version for these games. Even beyond remastered, why don’t they offer a Ulimate-super-stupendous version with all of the base games plus the DLC on Origin? I would buy it in a second.

    (Spoilers for those who have not played these games- go out and play them, they are great! If you have not played these, I would not want to spoil for one moment the awesomeness that is these storylines, no matter what you read on the internet.)

    As an aside, after you mentioned the ending sequence for the first game, I rewatched it on Paragon on Youtube. Something occurred to me: The ‘synergy’ ending of humans and machines and biologiics mirror what Saren says is his ‘vision’ of what the Reapers want for useful species. This makes that whole line suspect.

    You did call this way back when the third one came out: The renegade ending was the stealth good ending.

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