Item/Adventure Seed: Deborah the Destroyer.

I assume I’m not the first person to make this joke, sure.


Deborah the Destroyer


Because even Black Ops Necromechanic Engineering (BONE) teams have senses of humor.  And, for that matter, kids.  No, really, you want men and women with families for that kind of job. Keeps them focused on the exoteric world, and not on the bad half-heard whispers on the edge of hearing.

But I digress.  When the BONE team tasked for cultivating Western Front battlefields of World War I heard of the British tank that had been secretly buried in a French field, they dropped everything to secure the vehicle.  Why?  The materials were practically unique.  You can easily get guns or ammunition or equipment that has been involved in either killing a man, or being worn or carried by someone who has been killed.  But to get hold of an actual tank that was buried after being wrecked in combat… there are a lot of magical correspondences and applied occult symbolic associations in play, there.  


All of this is why a BONE reclamation team is carefully restoring ‘Deborah’ under very controlled conditions. Even the parts that have to be replaced have about the same street value, pound-per-pound, as tritium. An actual, ‘natural’ occult tank will be a powerful strategic offensive weapon for the five UKUSA Agreement signatories.  


So it is indeed a very big deal that a briefcase holding about a pound of powdered Deborah metal got hijacked this morning. It will take time for even a sophisticated magical shop to break the wards on that briefcase, but once they do they’ll not only have millions of dollars worth of product; they’ll also have something that could be used to locate the original facility (and, yes, that particular security hole should have been filled beforehand, but it was not, and they’re trying to figure out why). BONE researchers estimate that you’ll have seventy two hours to track down the briefcase. Probably. They hope, so get cracking.
Your first job will be to find the courier team transporting the briefcase.  Once you track them down — or their remains — we’ll be able to get more data on the hijacking.  One way, or the other…