Tweet of the Day, Yes, Obi-wan, You Really Should edition.

Hey.  We all yelled something like that at the screen, didn’t we? …What, that was just me?  Well, dammit, you missed an opportunity, then.

7 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Yes, Obi-wan, You Really Should edition.”

  1. If there are no absolutes, what’s the point of you then? Stop sapping the resources of the Republic.

  2. I think they both gave up any claim to logic when they were floating around on liquid rock and their clothing and hair didn’t spontaneously combust.

    I mean, come on. Not even a sunburn?

  3. Nah, the correct response to Anakin’s claim that from his point of view, the Jedi were evil is, “Don’t give me that moral relatvistic b***s***!!!”

  4. That’s why the prequels was so amazingly bad. George Lucas so thoroughly didn’t understand his own philosophy, that he write terrible lines like that one and think them brilliant.

    1. They’re his “Lady in the Water” ?
      Sorry, must not cross the streams ..
      Sorry again.
      I find the simpler solution more appealing .. George never could get past the detail that “Empire Strikes Back” got the most praise ..

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