And now everybody will go back to ‘reading Playboy for the articles.’

Because apparently people weren’t, or at least weren’t willing to do so if there weren’t any pictures of naked women involved.  Personally, I think that what Playboy should do here is just start buying a metric ton of genre fiction-type short stories. Like they used to, in fact, but buy even more of ’em, this go-round.  I have no idea whether this would have saved a softcore skin magazine in the era of the Internet, but then I don’t know what CAN save a softcore skin mag in the era of the Internet. At least in this scenario they’d be tossing a few more checks an author’s way, which is an incredibly smart thing to do with your money…

7 thoughts on “And now everybody will go back to ‘reading Playboy for the articles.’”

  1. Well, they were known for paying extremely well (as in a dollar a word back in the 70s, when they were heavy hitters). Don’t know what their rates are these days.

  2. Is there a magazine that currently puts out genre fiction short stories? Preferably without the nudity, as that would be a bar to entry into my mailbox.

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