Gonna need some people for a Google Hangout playtest.

Horror game, probably will be at least two sessions, I’ll be happiest if they’re on Friday nights, although if people can do late nights that’ll be fine, too. This is a third-party playtest*, so I’ve already formally promised not to distribute these files EXCEPT as necessary for the playtest**. I got a hard deadline of March 31st to get feedback back to them, so I actively will start setting up dates as soon I get the files.

Let me know if you’re interested and can commit to a couple of sessions.

Moe Lane

*It’s for Fall of Delta Green, so GUMSHOE familiarity is a plus.  I have a one-sheet for the rules themselves that I put together for the BubbleGUMSHOE con game I ran last year, so we won’t be flying entirely blind.

**This means that I have given my word.

7 thoughts on “Gonna need some people for a Google Hangout playtest.”

  1. Sweet. The last one was fun, although wether that crosses your present line of “familiar” is up to you.

  2. I’m interested (the BubbleGUMSHOE was a lot of fun) but I’m wondering how… dark this will be. I like creepy and weird, but my impression is DG tends toward the outright disturbing. Am I mistaken on that?

    1. Delta Green is definitely on the ‘cosmic horror’ side of things, but how effed up it is can be up to the GM. Or whatever they’re calling the GM in this game. 🙂

  3. I’d be up for it. I might need to do a quick AV test before, since I’m not currently set up for internet video.

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