Bloom County collection at Humble Bundle.

Fifteen bucks gets you all the old Bloom County collections, the Outland stuff, the Opus stuff, and the new Bloom County stuff.  I mean: you do know that Berkeley Breathed is regularly drawing Bloom County again, right?  I can’t believe that I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

Moe Lane

PS: I’d like to be able to say that maybe the evidence suggests that Bill Watterson is maybe thinking about coming back, but that’d be wishful thinking. Or wistful thinking. Phrase works either way.

4 thoughts on “Bloom County collection at Humble Bundle.”

  1. Had to go look and you mentioned it here at least:
    I will offer a warning before people jump on this deal- this is not the first time that Humble has done a Bloom County bundle. So, if you were using the site in 2015, you may have already purchased most of these books. If you have, the new offerings in this bundle are the volume of new strips and an Academia Waltz collection, which was Breathed’s college strip.

  2. Pretty much right after I read this, I saw a link posted over on Facebook stating that Bill Watterson had created a new comic. I figured it meant that your evidence was maybe correct.

    When I opened the link, though, and VERY CAREFULLY parsed through what the article stated (as opposed to what it seemed to be trying to suggest without actually stating), it seemed to be saying that some guy who goes by the pen name “Zen Pencils” has taken some inspirational quotes made by Bill Watterson (as he’s done with a number of other well-known individuals), and created his own comic panels around those quotes.

    And there was much disappointment.

    1. He did a collab a little while back with a major syndicated strip (I want to say it was Pearls Before Swine) with the requirement that the regular author say *nothing* about it until the arc was finished running.

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