Two hour school delay! …Because of 1 to 3 inches?

This is, to my mind, slightly bizarre. Admittedly, I grew up in a town that had its own school that everybody could actually walk to, and we lived right next to a giant heat regulator that limited the amount of snow and frozen conditions that we might have otherwise gotten. So you had to practically have a blizzard before they closed the place.

It’s still kind of weird. I mean, I figure there’s a good chance that there won’t be any snow at all tonight. This stuff is notoriously hard to predict.

2 thoughts on “Two hour school delay! …Because of 1 to 3 inches?”

  1. We’re expecting a foot here in Maine. Not sure if they’ll close the schools. I give it 50/50

    1. The University of Maine is closing already, so you KNOW it’s bad. We usually wait until there’s s foot on the ground before calling it. Stay warm mate.

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