So I’m trying to decide what the @washingcon In Nomine game will be.

Assuming, of course, that they sign off on me doing an In Nomine game there. Although I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t: I’ve run games for them in the last two cons, I’ve caused no drama, and my other game’s going to be GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, which will be a whole lot simpler to plot out. I figure that they won’t even blink an eye, honestly.

So if I run a con game, I don’t want to do my old go-to (the Great Cow Race of 2003), because it’s old and has far too many in-jokes.  I’m instead tempted to do a slave revolt in Hell scenario. One that I wrote up, back in the day: Insurrection*. I just don’t know if I want to run a game where the players are demons. And no, I shouldn’t run it from the point of view of the revolting slaves: damned souls in In Nomine are crunchy, and good with ketchup. Besides, if they’re in Hell then they probably deserve to be — so they’re no more sympathetic than demons would be, honestly.


Moe Lane

*I really should have written down who was really behind this, because I’ll be blessed if I remember after all these years. Decades, even. I guess I’ll just wing it if it gets that far.

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