One thought on “In the e-mail: Sidequest: In Realms Ungoogled.”

  1. You’re not the only one missing it. I also didn’t find out about it until Sarah Hoyatt link it in Instapundit.

    On other front, Bob Defendi has a sequel to his podcast/novel Death by Cliche, this one subtitle Wrath of Con. Of course I bought the audiobook version as the only way that novel is supposed to be enjoy.

    But first, I’m consuming Jason Anaspach and Nick Cole’s wonderful series Galaxy’s Edge. The first two novels are bundled into one audiobook. Basically Star Wars, as written by from the point of view of military veterans. Since its debute last July, there are 7 novels and 1 sidequel.

    The first book Legionnaire is Storm Troopers in Afghanistan. The second book Galactic Outlaws expands things up a bit with bounty hunters and smugglers and introduces the series’s bad guy. No Jedi, but there are some characters that are way older than they appear.

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