Well, this goram day.

I thought we’d be done with the kid’s eye surgery by 1:30 or so; we just got home.  And Lord, but my son does not wake up from anesthesia easily.  It’s been a bit stressful, and it’s going to be stressful for the next few days, too.  I apologize in advance.

9 thoughts on “Well, this goram day.”

  1. I agree that kind of stress is not fun. Maybe if your Insurance has a wellness plan get the kid checked out genetically if he has a susceptablity to certain classes of drugs find out early. I went most my life not knowing I was resistant to a lot of drugs and supplements. Had a heart attack because Doctors didn’t realize a common Blood pressure drug didn’t work on me.

  2. That’s .. not the sort of thing most people schedule for Thanksgiving, but I suppose it makes sense.
    I’ll echo Catseyes’ suggestion .. my family has a couple odd sensitivities (and unusual reactions) especially to opiates that’ve mostly led to amusing anecdotes.. mostly.
    Hoping the kid recovers well, and that the surgery resolved whatever it was supposed to fix.

  3. I hope your son recovers quickly. I can’t imagine it would be fun to have someone cutting into one’s eyeball.

    1. Except it would be worse if it was your son’s eyeball, and all you could do was sit and wait. I don’t envy you today, sir.

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