Holiday posting is now in effect, for my own sanity’s sake.

Tomorrow just got extremely complicated for me and my wife. As in, we may not be able to get rid of the car this week, and will instead have to tow it home and deal with various irritations involving it next week. This is not a good time to be dealing with this nonsense.

So, sure, open thread.

Good thing I had ten hours’ sleep last night…

…because this morning I’ve been trying to get signed up to a site that would let me determine whether or not the federal government is in the process of screwing up administering the child tax credit that I did not actually request and would rather they not send me. No luck and no timely tech support; as I said on Twitter, ask me if I am surprised. That is a rhetorical question, naturally; for, Dear Reader, you already know that I am not.

What do you call it when the thing you did to relax…

…is less relaxing than the thing you would have done instead, but didn’t, because you needed to relax? Sorry: I just got off an hour and a half of what was supposed to be a fairly simple MMO dungeon run, only I wasn’t prepared to tank it at the level we were running at and I got everybody killed until I gave up. I should have stuck to writing a few more hundred words.

Looks like is down.

Which is going to make sharing links on Twitter and Facebook a pain until they fix their certificate.  Yay!  Let me see if there’s a workaround.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, go ahead and open thread it.  I didn’t have much, anyway.  Today wasn’t the best of days.

PPS: Nope, we’re back to manually updating Facebook and Twitter.  Huzzah!