The Shadowrun 5e Bundles of Holding.

Shadowrun 5e Essentials and Runs & Guns. It’s weird: you’d think that a fantasy-cyberpunk game with elves and orcs would be right up my alley. I would think that it was right up my alley. But I’ve never really gotten into tabletop Shadowrun. Maybe because of the political balkanization? They’re always breaking up the USA in these things, and the reasons always seem fairly arbitrary, moderately silly, and invariably informed by whatever ax the author wanted to grind that week*.

Still: it’s unquestionably a fun setting. And cheaper than usual to pick up the line.

Moe Lane

*Not that I’m ever guilty of that, of course.

One thought on “The Shadowrun 5e Bundles of Holding.”

  1. If you can have orcs with katanas and elves who project their consciousness into computer networks, I think you could figure out a way to have the U.S. as a single country, or at least split up in a logical manner.

    I loved the idea of Shadowrun, but I ended up playing Palladium’s Rifts more, because there was just a lot more freedom to create. Plus, all the Palladium games had the same rules, so you could easily pull from any of their material for campaigns.

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