Tweet of the Day, Yeah Forget The New Top Gun Flick edition.

I didn’t see the point of the new Top Gun remake much, and this both annoys and offends me.

That there has all the hallmarks of being a deliberate choice, and I am not down with it. I’m sure that Hollywood doesn’t care, but I’m not gonna pretend that that means that I shouldn’t care, either. And it’s such a little thing, too.

Moe Lane

PS: They better hope that the new Top Gun is big in China, because pandering to ChiCom sensibilities rarely works well with American audiences. Oh, sure, you can flatter the Chinese and not have American audiences revolt: see Looper for an example. But the extended toadying to the PRC over the Red Dawn remake is probably the major reason why that film bombed.

6 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Yeah Forget The New Top Gun Flick edition.”

  1. Tencent Pictures is one of the production companies associated with the movie, so I assume it’s a simple manifestation of that other golden rule (He who’s got the gold makes the rules).

    1. The half of Hollywood that China hasn’t bought yet, is still sympathetic to the ChiComs. They all certainly want Moe and most of us readers to GDIAF regardless, because they’re all about that love and tolerance.
      Glenn Reynolds’s proposed tax on the Hollywood 1% makes more and more sense each passing day.

    2. Ah, Tencent. A big part of the reason why I won’t be getting The Outer Worlds until at least October of next year, if at all.

  2. I don’t see this making a lot of money in either place. Even if it bends to the Chinese will, that doesn’t necessarily make middle-class citizens buy tickets.

  3. The large patch isn’t for the USS Galveston, either. It’s now a generic US NAVY patch. But I haven’t figured out what those two replacement flags are in my extensive 15 seconds of looking at the screen cap.

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