The “…Acceptable.” THE WITCHER Netflix trailer.

:contemplating THE WITCHER trailer:

:observing this and that:


:waving away the mercenary company lurking in the back of my chambers:

Very well, Netflix. You may proceed. But know that We still expect much from you.

8 thoughts on “The “…Acceptable.” THE WITCHER Netflix trailer.”

  1. Henry Cavill claims to have enjoyed the games.

    He has also stated that he likes the Total War games, which suggests that he has actually played video games.

    1. Which would mean that it’s available now, because looking at my comment, I think that’s not quite clear.

      1. And now I need to bow out of the Halloween party stuff going on tonight… Because, *cough cough*, the cold snap is, umm, doing Bad Things or something.

  2. Wait, you hired mercenaries? I was planning on storming the netflix at the front of a group of like-minded soldiers of justice.

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