Tweet of the Day, Never Give Up! Never Surrender! edition.

How was the latest Green Hornet, anyway?

5 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Never Give Up! Never Surrender! edition.”

  1. *Finally managed to get my password reset on the new computer*
    First off, thanks for the site during the quarantine shit, Moe. I appreciate it. I have been reading, but could not remember the darn password.
    Two, Gamepass is a good deal.
    Third, I did not hear great things about Green Hornet. One of the problems with the modern era, though, is that you are never sure if it is because they were not faithful to the source material- or because they WERE faithful to the source. It was an odd property for them to try to reboot.

    1. I think it might have been a passion product. Which doesn’t really answer the question, huh?

      Also: well, thanks for reading.

  2. It had too much Seth Rogen for my taste, which was a discovery, as I don’t think I’d seen him in very much, before (Monsters vs. Aliens, I think, but that was it). Memory’s honestly kinda hazy on it, otherwise. I saw that in the theater, so it’s been a few years.

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