3 thoughts on “Star Wars lofi (whatever *those* are) beats.”

  1. You no have BandLab account?
    Why you no have BandLab account, filthybardicfilkerperson?
    (I tease, somewhat. Lo-Fi Beats comprises a very large chunk of their loops and midi instruments. As a DAW, it’s not all that. As a smartphone app to play around with, it’s brilliant. If you get on it, let me know. My kids would dearly love me to inflict “alternate lyrics” on someone other than them!)

      1. I’d seen an occasional thing pop up on YouTube music recommendations, but hadn’t thought too much of it until recently.
        Then I started playing around with the BandLab app I’d downloaded over a year ago. (It’s limited, but for most things, I kind of like it better than my MIDI controller + DAW + VST instruments + plug-in effects chain. I’d probably feel differently if I had paid the coin to have a controller with realistic keys and larger pads, but…)
        Anyway, there’s a ton of Lo-Fi stuff there to play with. Some of it’s 8-bit (and who can resist doing the Super Mario Brothers theme?) but a lot of it is more subtle.

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