Day 4, TINSEL RAIN NaNoWriMo: 10903/60000.

Well, it was a busy day, wasn’t it? Had to get up to get the car over to the shop, then run around getting the kids squared away on their homework before their dental appointments. Then after that we had to go back to the homework, and it took me forever to get 2,000 words in.

Still did, though. Which is good, because I got a newsletter to finish.

We found a sixth zombie the same place we found Igor the coroner’s assistant: in the slab room, with Igor holding back the zombie with one of those circular high chairs. He looked unbitten, the bastard, and actually beamed when he saw us. “Oh, hi, Shamus! Could you take care of this?”

I glowered at him. “Fine,” I muttered and did my lay-down trick again. It took a full ten seconds at this point; I might need to do some lying down, myself. As I said before, this isn’t my best skill.

But Igor didn’t seem to mind. He put down the chair and started massaging his shoulder, ruefully. “Thanks,” he said. “They just all up and animated, all at once. If I wasn’t in that space between the cabinets they would have swarmed me – hey, are you hurt?”

“It’s fine,” I replied. “I cleaned out the wound.” I looked down; yeah, it was knitting up nicely, no sign of infection. “I’ll be all right. What the hell, Igor?”