The fairly redundant MST3K Kickstarter post.

Redundant in the sense that there’s almost no point in putting this post up: the new MST3K Kickstarter may actually fund before I finish typing it out. Two million in as many days is pretty impressive. Although they’re really trying for five or six, which would let them produce a full season. Crowdfunding is a fascinating development…

2 thoughts on “The fairly redundant MST3K Kickstarter post.”

  1. I still have to give the first 2 seasons of the reboot a fair viewing. Liked the first 2 eps of season 1 but just kind of stopped after that.

    I am pretty happy I got to go to one of the live shows for Joel’s second “final” retirement.

  2. I am on the verge of MST3K fandom; I heartily approve of this, even though I may not end up watching a single episode.

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